We are a group of committed professionals who are dedicated to creating a forward looking, environmentally conscious community of trained healing professionals and expressive arts therapists that has originally formed on the East coast over the past fifteen years. We have a strong desire to relocate in a more environmentally conscious community. Central to the Luminare Ltd. Center’s residential community, a group of spiritually aligned health and well being practitioners together with expressive artists and environmental designers, is the commitment to create the conference, workshop and retreat center known as the Life Force Healing Center. The center would host major conferences with enlightened spiritual, alternative health and environmental leaders. In addition, it would be an active retreat center where people could attend healing and expressive art events. Attendees can also choose to attend the long term, one to two week healing retreats designed around the needs of those who seek transformation in the spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical realms. 

Earth HeART, is also a unique component of the environmental organization of Luminare Ltd. It contains the Guild of Builders, and who are involved in the design and building of environmentally conscious structures, along with permaculture specialists for design of agriculture and wildlife pathways in harmony with the land.

The model community qualifies as a Planned Unit Development using extremely energy efficient building modalities in building homes and structures.  Building methods, such as the earth bermed, cordwood masonry and straw bale, along with use of solar energy would be integrated into the planned architecture. 

It is the intent that this particular Luminare Ltd. Center would be a ‘model center’ that would eventually be replicated and built in response to the particular terrain in different geographical locations around the world.

Location of the first Luminare Ltd. Center

Currently Luminare is a group of aligned souls with the harmonious intent to live in a sustainable manner in nature with full respect and dignity for one another and all of creation. We are a group of gifted professionals who include artists, musicians and healers who have been working to help raise the harmonious vibration of the planet one heart at a time through expressing acceptance and love in community. We intend to use our gifts in helping others. Those who would choose to join in our venture of creating the Wellness and Expressive Arts Center in particular geographical locations, would eventually relocate from the east coast to join us in community. It is the intent that this particular Luminare Wellness and Expressive Arts Center  would be a ‘model center’ that would eventually be replicated and built in response to the particular terrain in different geographical locations, eventually around the world.

The Proposed Locations of the First & Second Established Luminare Wellness and Expressive Arts Centers

To research for a suitable location, I am locating an ecologically and spiritually sound community to join with in North Carolina. It is an ideal and beautiful location for a retreat center and livable community in harmony with the lush environment with natural waterways, located in the region of Asheville, North Carolina, located 20 minutes from the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL).

The Asheville, North Carolina area has a high consciousness in environmental awareness, embracing transformation, responding to healing modalities and the cultural arts. Also there are many national events annually in the arts, music, dance, theatre and film.

Asheville, NC wooden bridge

The location of our second  center would be at Ashland, Oregon, and the surrounding area, is also a beautiful location with a wealth of natural resources and wildlife with an environmentally aware community. This is a place where we hope to establish a second retreat center in the future.

If you need in any further information or have further questions about the LUMINARE LTD. CENTER, please feel free to contact me at RosemaryLane@Luminare.org.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosemary Lane, MFA
*Founder and Executive Director of Luminare Center
*(1974-2005) Professor of Art & Area Coordinator of Printmaking

Art Department, 104 Recitation Hall, University of Delaware,
       Newark, DE 19711
To see website of original artwork: www.RosemaryLane.net

Email: LuminareCenter@Luminare.org

*Initiator of Angelic Light Body Healing
*Christ’s Healing Illuminated (CHI) Reiki

The spiritual aspect of the community will focus on the union and honoring of both Eastern and Western philosophies & ideologies. Our philosophy is that all of us are coexisting as part of the same God’s earthly creation. It is our goal to help create “Heaven on Earth” by introducing an alternative way to live in peace and harmony with creation!


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